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Breaking news: PUBG Mobile may be banned again BGMI-NewsAlertno1

PUBG Mobile may be banned again?

Hello friends, recent news is coming out that BGMI, which was earlier known as PUBG, may not come now, know why?
As you all know that the name of PUBG was very popular in India and the streamers of YouTube had also earned a lot of money through it, but the Ministry of Security of India again revealed in the middle that PUBG is associated with Tencent Games and Tencent. The game is a Chinese company that used to steal the data of people playing pubg in India and give it to China or you used to sell your private data outside.
Tencent Game also had a 10% share with pubg that used to go to China, so pubg was banned in India due to this. Launched -g but India did not like it, so after that the demand for pubg increased again.

BGMI will not come

So after creating a lot of hype after that, car pubg finally announced that it is back in India and this time it will be named Battleground India Mobile (BGMI).

BGMI had then put its trailer on YouTube as well and many people were happy with it, there was an atmosphere of happiness everywhere, but in the meantime the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh took this initiative.

 Raised objection and said that this BGMI should not only be stopped but he also wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi in which he appealed BGMI should be stopped from coming to India because Tencent has 15% share with BGMI which is goes to China.

After this tweet by the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, he got to hear a lot of abuses because BGMI is being formed in association with Crafton, whose entire share is with India.

After his tweet like this, many streamers raised a lot of objection while replying to his tweet.

What do you think about this, do tell us by commenting and stay connected with askmeinda for such news.

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