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Breaking News: YouTuber Lakshya Choudhary unveils MLM company -NewsAlertno1

Youtuber lakshy Chaudhary revealed this

Hello friends, you must have heard about the MLM company, in which a person has to coax another person and he gets money for the number of people he adds in a month, but in the meantime Youtuber lakshay Chaudhary has disclosed this.

Lakshya Choudhary is known for roasting on YouTube. By the way, he had disclosed the MLM company long ago, in which he had told that how by luring the people of MLM, they join this company by luring money and then do fraud. But after the lockdown, they have come up with a new idea in which these people attract people by putting motivational videos and photos on social media and pretend that they have bought all these things with the help of MLM.

Invite to join MLM.

Through social media, a lot of MLM's elements put reels and short videos on him, on which he is wearing a standing court in a seminar and talking about it and invites him to join MLM.

Lakshya Choudhary first tried to join his company himself to make a special disclosure to him and he was successful in this too. After joining, he made a video of the thing. They cheat people and extort money from them. Lakshya told in his video that he also took 1800 rupees from him saying that his joining is being done in the company.

Lakshya Choudhary also told that he falls to any extent to sell MLM waale product and the product he sells for twice the market price.
Lakshya also showed in his video that while selling MLM air purifiers, they were claiming that this would eliminate the coron virus from the root, which is a complete lie.
With this, Lakshya Choudhary broke the entire stock of MLM Waalo.
Lakshya Choudhary finally suggested that it is better to stay away from MLM company, do not give money to this company, this company mostly targets people of 18-30 years and then spoils the future of children.
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