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Network marketing companies are looting 18-24 youths. NewsAlertNo1

Due to the Corona epidemic, there is a lockdown in the whole country, due to which many companies are losing money, so they have stopped paying their employees and at the same time many companies have fired many people from their work.

Many people became unemployed due to the pandemic in India

Due to the epidemic in India, many people have become unemployed, meanwhile some companies have come on social media which claim that they will give you a chance to earn from home and also claims that if we join their company then In a few months, you will become crore husbands.

This type of company claims that every person working here is a crore husband and everyone has their own car, this company mostly employs 18-26 year old youth as its target and claims that She does not charge any registration fee from them.

This company promotes itself by putting reel on Instagram and videos on Facebook and AIDS on YouTube.

This company promotes itself by installing reel on Instagram and videos on Facebook and AIDS on YouTube and invites you to join but let us tell you that all this company is fraud, all these companies have only one purpose, that is. Keep adding men continuously, although these people claim that they do not charge any kind of registration fee or joining fee, but these people then buy license or any product forcibly, that too at double the price and then do fraud through the same.

This company is better known by the name of MLM or Network Marketing, if you see their videos anywhere, then there must be a donkey wearing a court and making long talks and claiming that his earnings are worth crores and by working in it. Crores are earned but all that is a lie, nothing like this happens.

By joining their company, these people ask you to sell any product like soap, shoe, towel and sell it, they do not sell it directly, but they say that by giving the lure of job, they give all these products to the same person and tell it their business.

As you all know that there is a lockdown, so without the lockdown, these people used to go from house to house and add people, but since the lockdown is in place, these people promote their videos through Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and show that they have A lot of money is coming and invites you to join the company as well as put a Google form there, but let us tell you that this whole company is a fraud, please do not join them or else the whole youth will be spoiled and then hand on hand you will wash

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