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Surajpur collector assaults youth, video goes viral - NewsAlertno1

Hello friends, big news is coming out now and you are reading this news on
A video from Surajpur is going viral
A video is going viral from Surajpur in which the I.A.S officer collector beat up the innocent youth and broke his phone together.
It is being shown in the video that during the checking in the area, the young man had come out to take his Amma's medicine but in the same area the police was checking.

Surajpur collector assaulted the youth

Seeing the young man moving the load, the police stopped him and inquired, the young man answered every question without fear, then the police ordered the young man to go home, but only then the collector stopped him and then inquired the young man said That he had gone out to get his Amma's medicine, but the collector did not give it to him and before that, his misbehavior later broke his phone.

After breaking the collector's phone, the young man also joined his hands but the collector started beating the young man with his breath.

The young man folded a lot of hands but the collector kept hitting the young man.

During the fight, the collector again asked the policemen to kill the young man.
The video of this whole incident went viral, social media created a stir after the video went viral. A lot of social media influencers reacted and Kafio abused The Collector.
Meanwhile, people used hashtags on Twitter to support the youth, which also got full benefit. Seeing the video going viral, the leader of Madhya Pradesh expressed shame on Twitter and also told the people that now the collector has been suspended. Now he is no more the collector of that state, he has been removed.
So what do you have to say about it, do tell us by commenting. Are such officers a stigma for our country?
Should such people become officers?
What is your opinion? Do let us know.
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