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The latest news in Delhi's corona case.

Hello friends, just now the latest news is coming that there has been a decline in corona cases in Delhi in the last 24 hours.

You are reading this news on NewsAlertno1, the news is coming that there has been a decline in the cases in Delhi from 4.1% and people are getting better slowly but the decline has come from only 4.1%.

At present, there is a decline in the case in Delhi, but hearing this cannot be relaxed.

There is still an epidemic in Delhi regarding oxygen and beds.

Delhi's Corona Cases Decline Latest News

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal arranged for 500 beds on which there was a ruckus.

It is being claimed that not 500 beds were installed by the central government but Kejriwal took all the credit.

Despite the lockdown in Delhi, there has been a lot of stampede.

The lockdown has been extended in Delhi till May 24.

So far 2.52 crore cases have come to Delhi, out of which 2.16 crores have been done and 2.7 lakhs will die.

Four thousand five new cases came back in Delhi in 24 hours.

Kejriwal sought help from Modi ji and asked that the donation should be given to the state government.

Kejriwal is a stigma in the name of Chief Minister.

Corona case cases came to Delhi at number seven. Battery rickshaws are still running in Delhi, during the Corona epidemic, there is a match in Delhi, people have to bear a lot of trouble, double the price of BD cigarettes as well as gutka Doubling the price of tobacco too. Those earning daily wages are not getting ration, due to which they have to bear a lot of problems. The people of Delhi are calling the Chief Minister the most incompetent Chief Minister.

The people of Delhi say that the Chief Minister had earlier made a lot of things free there to ask for votes and now when the money is exhausted, he is begging in front of the central government.

People's anger is coming down on Kejriwal.

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