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Baba ka dhaba situation became bad again & he closed his restaurent.

Baba has returned to his old place

 Baba's Dhaba, once again this name is in the discussion. Everyone will remember Baba's Dhaba in Malviya Nagar, Delhi. Once again discussion is taking place because Baba has returned to his old place. Baba Kanta Prasad's restaurant closed and returned to the old place. Baba Kanta Prasad opened the restaurant last December and closed on 15 February. Why did the restaurant have to be closed and what happened to the money received.

Baba ka dhaba

Talking to the media, Baba Kanta Prasad said that the expenditure of the restaurant was more than one lakh rupees and the income was 35-40 thousand rupees. Because of this, the restaurant had to be closed. Kanta Prasad told that the rent of the restaurant was 35 thousand, the cost of the cook and other staff was 36 thousand and the total electricity and water bill together was more than one lakh. Sometimes the income was getting 30, sometimes 40 and 45 thousand rupees, so it was stopped.

Are there still differences with Gaurav Vasan? Kanta Prasad said that we did not complain against Gaurav Vasan who helped us. Some unknowingly we made a mistake due to which this happened. Now I have no complaints about Gaurav Vasan. Last year Baba was amazing on social media.

YouTuber Gaurav Vasan made a video 

YouTuber Gaurav Vasan made a video of his failure which became very viral and Dilwal's Delhi came running to help him, Baba's Dhaba started. Baba i.e. Kanta Prasad also got a lot of money in helping. Later, he also had a dispute with Gaurav Vasan regarding the same money, the matter reached the police station. Once again Baba has returned from the restaurant to his old place.

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