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CM Arvind Kejriwal demands cancellation of 12th exams .

Corona cases are slowly declining in India, in the last twenty-four hours, the least number of cases of corona have come in India, gradually everything seems to be fine, meanwhile, when cases were coming out continuously in India, of the corona, When there was no space in India's hospitals, neither beds nor oxygen, then the Delhi government had demanded the central government to cancel the 10th CBSE board examinations, the Delhi government had said that Delhi had all the beds and oxygen. No. Demanded Narendra Modi to cancel the 10th board exams.

On this demand of Chief Minister Kejriwal, many children were proud of Kejriwal towards the door, but the Kafia also opposed this thing, but it is all in the hands of Modi to take the decision or not.

After this, there was a lot of uproar on social media, many people opposed it, then Kafia also supported it and then finally, on behalf of the central government, Hindu lion Shri Narendra Damodar Das Modi announced that the decision to cancel the tenth examinations has been taken. Took it and also announced that the Barvi exam has been extended, they will be taken later.

After all this, the condition of Corona in Delhi was deteriorating day by day and till then there was a month-long lockdown in Delhi and as it was announced earlier that the date of class XII examinations will be known later, as you all It is known that as the corona cases kept increasing in Delhi, then the children of class XII and their parents started having a lot of tension, in the meantime, Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal demanded the Central Government to cancel the classes of 12th.

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