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Corona Vaccine :The side effect of Corona vaccine is real or fake?Read full News

Covid Vaccine

The rumors of the corona vaccine are coming in the market for a long time but no one has proof that the side effects they facing are from the corona vaccine.Many said that their body became magnet after vaccine some said that they get the high-temperature fever from vaccine but let us tell about you a true fact check about Corona Vaccine.

Corona Vaccine :The side effect of Corona vaccine is real or fake?Read full News

Why there are so many rumors about Corona Vaccine?

Since our Central Government announced about the Indian corona vaccine it has became the hot controversial topic just because of opposition parties.The opposition's parties was trying to settle their propoganda through corona vaccine they created many fake paid campaign about vaccine just to prove central Government wrong not only that many old aged people who don't have much knowledge about these things has shared many fake news about vaccine through the whatsapp that's why people are more curious about vaccine,It's totally a shame thing for us that if a vaccine is made in India then we can't trust on it why? Because it is made in India.Even some news channels and some youtube channels created fake videos about Corona Vaccine.

What are the rumors of the corona vaccine?

Since many of rumors are coming out from Indian Corona Vaccine but there are also some facts coming out but people are too confused that which one is a real fact and which one is fake news or rumor then let us tell you the full rumors listed below are totally fake.
  1. After taking the corona vaccine we became invisible.
  2. After taking the corona vaccine we don't even get any fever.
  3. We should not take both doses of the corona vaccine.
  4. After taking both doses of the corona vaccine our body can attract metals and can become a magnet.
  5. Corona vaccines are too dangerous to health
The above point listed above are totally fake and they don't have no sense.If you receive any messages or news through Whatsapp then please don't trust on them and please don't forword any news without doing a total fact check of that news.

What are the facts of corona vaccine?

As there are many fake news and rumors about Indian corona Vaccine but there are also some true and real news mixed in those rumors so people are unable to find them but don't worry we have listed some real facts and real news about Corona Vaccine below:
  • You can get high fever after taking any dose of corona vaccine
  • The fever due to corona vaccine is not mandatory you can also get at low temperature.
  • You have to take both corona vaccine.
  • Before taking any dose of vaccine you shouldn't have drunk alcohol in past 2 weeks
  • 2 out of 10 people can also catch corona even after taking both doses
So these was the some facts and fake news related our Indian corona vaccine.We hope you are satisfied after reading this article and we have to remind you that please don't share any news to your family friends without doing a total fact check also don't believe in what'app fake news.

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