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Breaking News - YouTuber GouravZone Arrested, Alleged Serious Charges


Hello friends, you must have known about vlogs. Actually vlogs in India was started by Mumbaikar Nikhil. Slowly seeing him, everyone started vlogging.

In the early stages...

 So Gaurav put a lot of Badiya Badia vlogs, he was liked by many people but slowly he started showing childishness in his blogs, due to which he started getting a lot of hate, not only that, later many people also started making videos on him. In which he was now troubled by Gaurav's childish antics and making an expose video on him, however, making an exposure video over Gaurav Zone in the middle had also become a trend and every third YouTuber was making an expose video on Gaurav, on which Gaurav voiced his voice. Was raised too, but what do people have to do with it, people have to take the side of the side which is full of frost.

After all this, gradually the views of Gaurav Zone's videos started falling down and they again put different types of videos and shared them a lot but they did not see any benefit and their views remained down. .

In the meantime, he put a new video in which he tied a dog's survivor i.e. a puppy to balloons ie balloons and flew it into the air and made a video of it and put it on YouTube and as soon as the video was uploaded, there was a ruckus on YouTube.

FIR was registered against him

People told a lot of false pride and abused him.

After all this, Gaurav again put a video and gave clarification on it but that explanation was not worth anything, he did not even apologize in the video and laughed and said that he was joking, then after this there will be more madness. And more and more videos started being made on him and finally FIR was registered against him and now he has been arrested.

What is your opinion on this, let us know by commenting.

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