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Ration Deliver at home scheme by CM Arvind Kejriwal is Scam,Be aware and read full details

 Recently a video getting viral  shows loads of apportion spoiling of Rashan inside Delhi school,

BJP's national spokesperson Sambit Patra on Sunday slammed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal alleging him of doing drama for politics while calling the 'doorstep ration delivery scheme' a scam.

BJP's public representative Sambit Patra on Sunday pummeled Delhi Boss Pastor Arvind Kejriwal charging him of doing dramatization for legislative issues while calling the 'doorstep proportion conveyance plot' a trick. 

Addressing ANI, Patra said, "Arvind Kejriwal attempted to misdirect the country and I need to say it obviously about the dramatization he did, I will uncover it. He painted an image that PM Modi is forestalling house to house apportion conveyance. This is bogus. One country, one proportion card is a Focal drive. Delhi Government would not execute it. A great many transient workers are without the advantage of the plan." 

"Kejriwal is saying he will give doorstep conveyance. In any case, how might they guarantee that it contacts the correct individuals? They said they will take biometrics of those getting proportion. EPOS is a machine to follow apportion. Kejriwal got it halted in proportion shops. Significantly more modest states have executed EPOS machines and there is 80% Aadhar card check for dispersion. In Delhi, Aadhaar card check is zero," asserted the BJP pioneer. 

He said under the public food security act 72.78 lakh individuals were given apportion. The Focal government is giving food grains under two plans NFSA and Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana in Delhi 

"Kejriwal has covered up an arrangement. Delhi organizations will pick and give prepared food grains and toll additional charges like flour made of wheat. Kejriwal didn't talk on how much additional charge he needed from poor people. We won't discover who was getting the proportion. It was a trick," the BJP pioneer said. 

Sambit Patra further hammered Boss Clergyman Arvind Kejriwal in sequential request from 'A' to 'F'. 

He said 'A' represents notice. "Kejriwal is strolling with oxygen chambers on the two sides and he says we are getting ready for the third wave. Had he get ready during the subsequent wave, Delhi would not be reeling under Coronavirus." he said. 

Patra asserted that the Delhi Boss Pastor for refusing to accept responsibility for the issues at hand. 

"B for fault - Modiji you didn't give bed, Remdisivir...In the morning, you will discover Kejriwal saying he had orchestrated oxygen and meds," Patra said. 

He said 'C' represents credit. "Both Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia went on about assuming acknowledgment. You assumed praise for the mohalla center and what has befallen it," the BJP pioneer said. 

Patra blamed Kejriwal for doing show for governmental issues. "D for dramatization. He says we need to work in participation. In any case, what did you do Kejriwal? You just do governmental issues. On January 26, you took a cover and sat on fight." expressed the BJP pioneer. 

Patra asserted Kejriwal just rationalizes. "E for pardons. He gives pardons on everything. Godowns have proportion and you purchase grains on told rates yet you need to upset the focal plan," the BJP pioneer affirmed. 

Patra said the Arvind Kejriwal-drove Delhi government fizzled in each perspective. 

"F for disappointment. No emergency clinic, no oxygen plant, no infrastructure...He says he will get built and afterward says Modiji would not allow him to do," expressed Patra. 

Prior, Delhi Boss Priest Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday pummeled the Focal government for ending the public authority's doorstep proportion conveyance plot that was planned to begin on Monday, inquiring as to why, regardless of keeping in touch with the Middle multiple times, the plan had been stopped.

Sharing the video, Delhi BJP General Secretary Siddhartha has written that Arvind Kejriwal should be ashamed. He said that the ration of the rights of the poor, which was sent free of cost by PM Modi, is being found rotten in delhi government schools, government godos every day. Describing the video as Vasant Kunj, he said it shows kejriwal is engaged in black marketing by killing the poor. The ration reportedly came for the poor who did not have a certificate to be citizens of Delhi. The migrant labourers living in Delhi, who did not go home and whose income was also locked in lockdown, were the food grains of their rights.

The Central Government had sent this ration for them so that even if they were not citizens of Delhi, they would not be able to starve. According to media reports, rationing started deteriorating only in July-August 2020 and the principal of the school was aware of it from food inspector and food supply officer to MLA Naresh Yadav of Mehrauli. These people kept talking about removing the foodgrains, but by then it was rotten.

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