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Breaking News: Aam Admi Party is giving a false statement on Lord Ram Mandir scam.

 A Breaking News is coming from Uttar Pradesh is that sultan Ansari sold his land for 18Crore to Ram Mandir Foundation,Aam Aadmi Party given a false claim that there is a scam happening in ram mandir foundation but let us tell you the full story.

The full story about Ram Mandir Scam

A few weeks ago Maneesh Sisodia from Aam Admi party given a false claim that there is a scam happening in the construction of Ram mandir but let us tell you the full story Maneesh Sisodia said that the Ram Mandir Foundation has purchased a 2crore land in 18 crores the story behind is that the land was sold by Sultan Ansari to the foundation for 18 crores but he purchased that land for 2 crores from a woman but the actual price of that land is 5 crores so the question must be raised on Ansari that how did he able to purchase that 5 crore land in 2 crores? Has he bullied the women for the land or something else? but no one is asking any questions to Ansari.

Why Ansari sold the land for 18 crores?

Ansari is the main mastermind or you can say the villain of the story because the first question that should be raised on Ansari that how he able to buy a 5 crores land in just 2 crores and the second thing is that people who have an interest in real estate or land investing already know that the land price increase decrease according to the time and the location so Ansari used the same strategy he first purchased the land of 5 crores in just 2 crores and later he sold his land to 18 crores to the foundation and foundation also purchased that land without any guts because the land has a good location and it was valuable and the plus point of that land that in future the price will increase more and when the mandir will be done than probably many businessmen or small local businessman will definitely invest in it which will be profitable for the mandir so it was not a bad deal but the main villain of the story is Ansari we should raise questions against him.

How the claims of AAP is fake?

Aam Admi party always do these cheap stunts and if we talk about past time then aam admi party has come up with many false allegations on many things but they get failed every time and previously they also raised some fake allegations against congress party but what they did after that? they get failed to proof those allegations again and now they started doing cheap stunts again but if they are really correct then why didn't they raised a document according to law? they always come up with a false document that doesn't even have law rules the documents even the funny thing is that if they have valid proofs then why didn't they file a case against them even ram mandir foundation filed a case against aam admi party that they are giving false statement against us.

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