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Know why Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are getting banned in India? What are the new IT rules of India?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Banned in India?

In India, three months ago, the government had come out with new IT rules for which all social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter had to be followed, but none of the three gave any answer to the government and these three months passed like this. Then May 26 was the last day to accept these rules, if these three platforms do not respond to it, then after May 26, all these apps can be banned in India.

What are the new IT rules of India?

The new IT rules that came in India a few months ago are such that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will have to accept the new IT rules.
In the new IT rules of India, the government has clearly said that if any offensive post or news is posted or uploaded on these platforms, then all those news or posts will be posted within the next twenty four hours. Will have to be removed from the platform, which is also true to a great extent, according to me, these platforms should not have any problem because it is for the betterment of the people, but no news has come from all these platforms till now. India had given them up to three months, in those three months, India had said that all these apps and platforms will have to accept all these IT rules or else they will be banned in India but these apps have not given any response till now. If so, it is possible that these three should be made in India from today.

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